SMNC 2023 Committee Members

The SMNC Committee is fortunate to have the service of our fantastic volunteers.


Jodie Davis


Jodi Cook


Shannon Peppercorn


Toby Scrimgeour

ICT Co-ordinator

Josh Stewart

Umpiring & Development Co-ordinator

Mel Cole

Equipment Co-ordinator

Haley Dragun

Uniform Co-ordinator

Pia Jones

Wind-Up Coordinator

Heidi Prestage

General Member

Jen Metcalfe

As shown in the SMNC Constitution the committee members consist of:

  1. the office holders of the Club; and
  2. at least one ordinary committee member.

The Committee must determine the maximum number of members who may be ordinary committee members.

The following are the office holders of the Club (a full role description is available to interested volunteers):


Officer for 2023


Role description and expectations

President Jodie Davis [email protected] Spokesperson, representative, coordinator, descision-maker…
Vice President Jodi Cook [email protected] Assists President with any delegated President duties and Stand in for President if they are unavailable.
Secretary Shannon Peppercorn [email protected] Administrative tasks for Meetings (minutes) and answer queries, accept/facilitate feedback.
Treasurer Toby Scrimgeour [email protected] Manage all financial matters for the club.
Registrar Vacant 2023 Creates, collects and maintains critical club and team records – this is a good role for someone looking to do some admin in the evenings. Most work involved at the start of the winter season. Estimated 10 parent hours work per year.
ICT Co-ordinator & COVID Safety Josh Stewart

[email protected]

[email protected]

Suits an IT savvy administrator who knows a little bit about AWS, WordPress and Cloudflare or can learn. This is a good role for someone looking to do an hour a month, with the occasional urgent issue to investigate and resolve. Estimated 10 parent hours work per year, unless undertaking major upgrades to or introducing new IT services for the club.
Equipment Co-ordinator Hayley Dragun [email protected] Manage all Equipment needs through the winter and spring seasons.  Store all equipment on the off season.
Umpiring Co-ordinator Mel Cole Coordinate Umpiring needs through the winter and spring seasons.
Uniform Co-ordinator Pia Jones [email protected] Manage all Uniform needs through the winter and spring seasons.  Store all uniforms on the off season.
Windup Co-ordinator Heidi Prestage Winter Season only – organisation of:
Team Photographs
Participant Trophies
SMNC End of Season Presentation and Wind-up.
Development Coordinator Jodi Cook Communicate with and mentor Coaches throughout the season.
Manager Coordinator Deb Martin Communicate with Managers throughout the season.
General Committee Member

Jen Metcalfe

Attend all Committee meetings (as do Office Holders) and vote when required.