Top 5 Things to Know

Measures have been put in place to ensure associations, clubs and teams are abiding by WA State Government restrictions.

  1. Spectators are allowed – there is no limit to spectator numbers, however the 1.5m distancing rule is recommended.
  2. NO Entry/Exit gates – Members and spectators are able to enter and exit the complex through any open gate.
  3. ANYONE entering the complex must sign in through the SafeWA app or manually with their club. Clubs are responsible for ensuring that their members and spectators have adhered to this policy and it is a government requirement that clubs safely store any manual records for 28 days.
  4. Hygiene requirements remain as they were during the 2020 season. More details in the sections below.
  5. NO Sharing of food is permitted! This includes lollies and oranges.

COVID Officers, Coaches and Managers

COVID Officers, with the assistance of Managers, are responsible for ensuring that all attendees at games have registered with the SafeWA app, or they have recorded their attendance manually on site website. Managers will receive the SafeWA QR code to make it easier to ensure everyone is signed in.

 Alcohol based hand sanitisers must be available for all group/teams training sessions / games.
These will be provided by the CLUB with training bags.

 All equipment and goal pads to be sanitised with anti-bacterial solution/wipes or alcohol-based sanitiser –
before and after use.

Physical contact between players can occur including, defending, small sided games or match simulation at training.
Netballs can be shared and bump bags, weights, etc. can be used.

High fives huddles, handshakes or other physical contact should be avoided.


Players need to bring their own water.

NO PERSON is to attend training if they are sick, have a fever, feel unwell, or experiencing symptoms such as a
cough, sore throat, fever, fatigue or shortness of breath and seek medical attention.
The coach should be notified immediately of any of the above.