I am new to SMNC. What do I need to know?

If you have not found sufficient information on our website, CONTACT US to make further enquiries.  A simple checklist of the process is:

      • Register your player for the current season at Wanneroo Districts Netball Association (WDNA).
        Sign up to PlayHQ for each player.
        Payment is processed at this time.
      • Contact our Treasurer regarding kids sports vouchers, if applicable.
      • Provide a copy of the child’s birth certificate or passport (required for proof of age, as per WDNA policy) – email to President.
      • Attend one of the dress sizing sessions to hire the SMNC Dress

What is NetSetGo?

NetSetGo is a program run by Netball Australia.  It’s aim is to introduce the game to young players in a progressively fun way by implementing MODIFIED RULES and equipment.

The Set and Go options are currently offered by SMNC for the Winter and Spring Seasons at Wanneroo Districts Netball Association (WDNA).

      • Set players are our Year 2s and 3s.
      • Go players are our Year 4s.
      • Year 5s born in Jan-Jun can also play in the Go competition, however, due to the older age group (born the year proceeding, Jul-Dec) being eligible for JUNIORS, SMNC keep the year group together and arrange permits for Year 5s to play in the Junior competition in U11s.

For more information click here.

Why is NetSetGo Modified Rules?

To better understand why Suncorp NetSetGO uses modified equipment and rules, it’s important to understand what it is like for the 5-10 year old age bracket to use full sized equipment and rules:
• If they use a size 5 ball it is the equivalent of a full-sized adult using a 2 kilogram Medicine ball.
• If they shoot on a full-size Netball hoop it is the equivalent of an adult shooting on a 12-foot tall hoop.
• Only giving this age group 3 seconds to pass or shoot is the equivalent to only giving adults 2 seconds to pass or shoot.
These comparisons outline the differences in physical and mental capabilities of young children compared to adults.
These changes make it far more practical for the child to participate and by making it more practical for them, they are more like to be able to participate with fun and learning the goal.

It is important to note, UMPIRING of modified rules netball games has intentional leniency to encourage game flow and success.

Netball WA Suncorp NetSetGO Umpire Handbook.pdf

When and where are games played?

All games are played at WDNA – Kingsway Sporting Complex Spectator Drive MADELEY WA 6065 for 2 seasons, winter and spring.

During the Winter Season eligible Junior teams will play in the Finals series.

See Season Details for game days and times.

Fixtures are organised by Wanneroo Districts Netball Association (WDNA) – https://wdna.net.au/events/ and are available closer to season commencement via PlayHQ https://www.playhq.com/netball-australia/org/wanneroo-districts-netball-association

When will my child train?

All teams train once a week, usually commencing a week before season commencement – Tuesdays to Thursdays.

See Season Details for training days and times.

What age group will my child play in?

There are 2 main playing groups at Wanneroo Districts Netball Association (WDNA):

NetSetGo (NSG) and Juniors

At SMNC, we keep our school year groups together.  Y5s born in the Jan-Jun group can play in the NSG GO competition but to keep the year group together, we register the Y5s in Juniors U11s.  SMNC will organise PERMITS for Y5 born in the Jan-Jun group.


ELC budding players can also start NetSetGo – NET

Can my child play in a team with his/her friends?

When there is one team per year group, yes!

See “Who selects the players for each team?” for multiple teams per age group.

Who selects the players for each team?

Where there are sufficient numbers for multiple teams within an age group, players will be divided into teams according to:

Age – Year 2, 3 and 4 (NetSetGo)

For each year group, registered players are listed in order of oldest to youngest – the oldest team member will be placed in one team, the next oldest in the other team and so on. This will ensure a balance of older and younger players within each team.

Grading – Year 5 and above

Where possible, grading will be done by 3 graders over 2 training/grading sessions. At least 2 of the 3 graders must be independent of the SMNC committee. All graders must not have their own children playing in the year group they are grading.

When will I know what TEAM my child is in?

Following grading and registration, players will then be assigned to teams. This information will be available on PlayHQ prior to the start of the season.

How are DIVISIONS determined for teams?

WDNA decide which Division each registered team plays in based on two sources of information.  The first is provided by each club president (in consultation with the team coach if applicable), about:

  • each team as a whole, and
  • each player

An example of a team placed in Division 1:

  • Team composed of players that played together in the previous season, except 1 or 2 players (replaced by players from another team within the club).
  • Team had reasonable success in Div 1 or 2 in previous season.
  • Based on number of divisions (less in Spring) the team is deemed among the strongest.

An example of a team placed in the lowest Division:

  • Team composed of players that have not played together or many are new to netball.
  • Team had little to no success in low divisions in previous season.
  • Based on number of divisions (less in Spring) the team is deemed among the weakest.

Once communicated via fixtures, Divisions cannot be changed until regrading occurs.  Clubs will once again be consulted during this process – All team coaches will be consulted internally.

What do I need to buy?

Players are provided with SMNC dress (Uniform) on hire, playing bibs and all training/game equipment. Players need to wear school sports socks, appropriate sports footwear and bloomers (preferably maroon). Ideally, players will train in the school sports uniform. Uniforms remain the property of SMNC and should be returned to the club at the end of the playing season (as per instructions outlined in the UNIFORM tab).

What do my fees pay for?

Our fees include registration fees to WDNA and NetballWA, uniform hire, team & ground equipment, windup/presentation day fees, as well as general administration costs of running a club.

For NetSetGo players, the fee includes a Suncorp NetSetGo Participant Pack – click here for more details (their FAQs).

What are the requirements of parents?

Please refer to Season Details and COVID-19 SMNC Plan.  Requirements for these extraordinary times are onerous but necessary.  Your support of SMNC, WDNA, and Netball WA is greatly appreciated.

Normal requirements

Parent participation is essential in supporting and assisting in the running of the club and its amenities. Scoring and timing are required of each player’s family (excepting where those members are in coaching or managing roles) on a rotational basis.  Your team manager will let you know when this is required and of other roles that require parent involvement for your team to complete throughout the season – such as a WDNA BBQ Roster.

What are the consequences of on or off field inappropriate behaviour?

All players, team officials and spectators are required to adhere to the codes of conduct, rules, regulations, conditions and decisions of WDNA – please take your time to read these documents on the WDNA website. WDNA and SMNC has a Zero Tolerance Policy for inappropriate behaviour by players, officials and spectators.

Who pays Player fines?

WDNA will issue monetary fines for offenses, as listed on their website https://wdna.net.au/rules-regulations/. An example list can be found in Code of Conduct tab.  In all cases, the individual player/players names as being involved would be liable to pay the fine. All fines must be paid prior to the next fixture. Failure to do this will result in the entire SMNC being ineligible to take to the Court.

If I decide to withdraw after registering, can I get a refund?

All requests for refund of fees must be submitted in writing to the Secretary stating the reasons for the request. The Committee will consider such requests and where fees can be refunded amounts will be deducted for costs already incurred. NetballWA and WDNA will not refund their component of the total fee. Any refund given by SMNC will incur a $25 admin fee. Full details of our refund policy can be viewed here [10.2 Refund/Cancellation Policy & Procedures – Generally, fees are non-refundable. In extenuating circumstances, a member may apply to the club committee for a partial refund].

Who do I talk to if I have suggestions or complaints?

If you have a suggestion, concern or complaint, complete the Contact Us form. Please do not contact WDNA – they will not respond to any communication unless it is from our Club Representative.

What if I have more questions?

As the pre-season period is extremely busy for the Club officials, please check the club website to see if the required information is available there. If it is not, feel free to contact the club. Please also be aware that all Committee members have jobs and families and are involved in the Club on a voluntary basis.

Where can I get information throughout the year?

All information is available on our website.  If you have feedback regarding information that would be useful to our members, please CONTACT US 

When do I get my uniform?

SMNC Dresses will be available for sizing and collection prior to season commencement, usually during the Grading timeslots.  A notice will be posted on the Home Page soon.

What are the uniform requirements?

The SMNC uniform includes:

  • The SMNC Dress
    Hired to all players, at a cost of $20 per player for the year (to be returned in a satisfactory near new condition at the end of the final playing season).
  • St Mark’s sports socks – white with blue and maroon trim
  • NetSetGo players (Year 2, 3 & 4) may wear long sleeve tops and plain leggings, either black or white under the SMNC dress.

Do we accept or seek registrations beyond the Registration Closing Date?

In situations where we need more players (more than 7 per team; ideally a maximum of 10 players teams), we will allow registrations past the closing date.

    Why should I volunteer to Coach/Manage my child’s team?

    These voluntary positions may be claimed as parent commitment hours. If there are insufficient parent/ guardian volunteers for these positions, the team will be unable to play. If you are interested in filling one of these positions, please indicate on the online registration form or contact or President (you may share these positions).

    How important is your child’s safety and wellbeing to our Club?

    Safe 4 Kids Club – SMNC strives to create a safe environment for our members (children & young people), by adopting a proactive approach to creating that environment by complying with legislation (Working with Children (Criminal Record Checking) Act 2004).  If and where applicable, all of our club’s volunteers are to have a Working with Children Check (WWCC) or comply with the Parent Volunteer Exemption. The WWCC is paid for by SMNC.

    It is important to note, as per Section 17.4 SMNC Handbook 2021 – The coach and/or team manager is not responsible for your child between the end of school and the start of training.

    As a junior school based club we adopt an inclusive approach to game play. Each player’s positions and time off must be recorded as the club’s record of player rotations.

    NetSetGo Requirements:

    • Players are not to play more than 2 quarters in any position during the match.
    • Players must be rotated evenly throughout the season.
    • Players must experience all positions over the course of the season.

    Please refer to [SMNC Handbook 2021 – section 8] for more information.

    Is training cancelled when there is heavy rain? What about lightning?

    As per our Weather Policy
    a. Netball is a winter sport and as such, training will continue regardless of wind and rain. In the case of rain, all teams may choose to use the undercover courts and the court space is to be shared evenly between all teams training.
    b. In the case of thunder and lightning, SMNC will adhere to the 30/30 rule
    i.e. training will be cancelled if within the 30 minutes prior to training, thunder is heard within 30 seconds or less of when the proceeding lightning flash is seen.
    c. If a storm is approaching, coaches should be ready to immediately evacuate players to shelter in the closest substantial enclosed building if the “flash to bang” count reaches 30 seconds or less. The Senior School
    undercover courts DO NOT constitute a substantial enclosed building. The closest available building to the Senior school courts is the Pavillion or Floreat Building (Year 6 area). The closest available building to the Junior school courts is the Year 2/3 area. At this point, parents should be contacted to collect their children, as training cannot continue until 30 minutes has passed without a “flash to bang” count of 30 seconds or less.

    Are games cancelled when there is heavy rain?

    Matches will not be cancelled by WDNA due to inclement weather. Cancellations will only occur at WDNA’s discretion if there is dangerous weather or lightening in the area. To get the latest weather and game updates always check WDNA’s facebook page first.

    What do I need to know if I’m Scoring?

    Team mentioned first on fixtures to score – must collect scorecard from Match Office approximately 30 minutes ahead of game commencement, and return at completion.

    The scorecard must NOT leave the vicinity of the Scorer’s box.

    Ensure our team coach and manager’s details are recorded, and umpire and captain signs the scorecard at completion of the game.  This signifies acceptance of the score and other recorded occurrences (such as SGV, borrowed players from lower grades, injuries…).

    Also important to note, when there is a RED DOT on the scorecard, NO PHOTOGRAPHS can be taken.

    What do I need to know if I’m Timing?

    WDNA may use their central timing system to track game timings.  If not, handheld sports TIMERS must be used – NEVER USE phones, watches or similar devices.

    Timing team is mentioned second on the fixtures.  Make sure to install the batteries and START the timer!

    Timer must remain in timing box unless notifying the Umpire when:

    • each Quarter has 30 seconds remaining (follow the umpire on the sideline) and when it ends by calling TIME! and
    • when the next Quarter should begin (with a 30 second warning), by approaching the umpires.

    Match Timings are:

    NSG Juniors
    Q1 10 15
    1st break 3 3
    Q2 10 15
    Half time 5 5
    Q3 10 15
    3rd break 3 3
    Q4 10 15

    FAQ for Coaches / Managers

    These voluntary positions may be claimed as parent commitment hours.

    How much do we pay our umpire per game?

    Year 5 and 11&Under:       $20

    12&Under and 13&Under:  $25

    15&Under and 18&Under:  $30

    Can I cancel training when there is heavy rain or calendar conflicts?

    Training should not be cancelled due to inclement weather. Undercover options are available at the Senior Netball Courts.

    Cancellations will only occur if advised on our HOME PAGE.
    For known calendar conflicts, please CONTACT US.

    Where personal conflicts arise, and no other parent from your team can assist to run training, please CONTACT US to make arrangements for assistance.

    What is a Single Game Voucher (SGV) and when do I need one?

    A single game voucher must be submitted to WDNA when an unregistered player needs to take to the court. It provides insurance cover for the player in the event of an injury and is valid for one match only.

    This must be purchased prior to taking the court and recorded on the score card (SGV section on reverse).

    Players can only play on two (2) separate Single Game Vouchers (paid separately).  Should a player take the court for a third time that player must pay full WDNA, WCNR and Netball WA fees.  Monies already paid for previous SGV’s do not contribute towards the above fees.

    A team may only have a maximum of two (2) players playing on a SGV in any match.  If a club has more than two (2) players on a SGV in any one match, the additional players are deemed ineligible players and fined accordingly. (Penalty #10)

    What do I do if my team needs to forfeit?

    Advise the SMNC President ASAP via Contact Us that your team needs to forfeit, stating the:


    See WDNA https://wdna.net.au/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/WDNA-PP-2021.pdf section 2.8 for further details.

    Can my team merge with another instead of forfeiting?

    It is always preferable to merge teams instead of forfeiting both games (where there is a shared calendar conflict, such as school holidays).  Managers of relevant teams should liaise to make arrangements with participating players’ families and advise the *SMNC President ASAP – as teams combined for the round will play in the higher division game timeslot and the lower division game timeslot will be *forfeited.

    NOTE: ensure players’ full names (from the lower division) are written on the back of the Scorecard, as well as the front.
    The higher division players, NOT playing, are indicated by a line across all quarters.
    See WDNA Scorecard FRONT example and WDNA Scorecard BACK example.

    Alternatively, follow the forfeiting process where required ASAP.

    What do I do if my player sustains an injury?

    4 Injury and Illness – All moderate and serious injuries are to be reported to the Team Coach as soon as possible and the injured player must attend the First Aid Post at WDNA where the first aid personnel will complete an Injury Report Form].

    If there is an injury on court during game time the MANAGER is the only person allowed on court to deal with it. You have 30 seconds to treat each player that remains on court.

    • If it is blood bring them to where the coaches are, then clean up blood.
    • If it is a serious injury motion to the coach that the player needs to be replaced and if help is required to remove child from the court. Only then is the parent allowed to approach the coach’s area and decide with the team manager if any further action is required (e.g. taking child to first aid post – located next to main office on the eastern side).
      If a player is removed “injury time” is OVER immediately when the bib is taken off.
    • Note injury on the scorecard for insurance purposes.
    • Complete a WDNA Injury-Report-Form and forward to their Main Office on the same day the injury occurs.

    How do I make an injury insurance claim?

    What do I do if a member of my team breaches the Code of Conduct rules?

    Please contact your Team MANAGER ASAP for advice on how to proceed.

    If you are the Team Manager, please advise the member of the breach and give them the opportunity to amend the behaviour.  Contact the President for advice and to report any incidents ASAP.

    What do I do if a member of another team breaches the Code of Conduct rules, or the Umpire could do with some guidance?

    Your Team MANAGER ASAP for advice on how to proceed.

    If you are the Team Manager, pleasewill take the applicable CARD (issued by WDNA) to the nearest MATCH OFFICE to advise the association of the breach.  They will send a representative to the court to mediate.

    This may also be done if an Umpire is having trouble officiating the game in the spirit of the rules.