SMNC 2024 Winter Season Teams 
Grading for Junior Teams 
has now been completed by the WDNA Grader 

Teams will be announced this week in Heja 

A fantastic response for the 2024 Winter Season – we have 12 TEAMS! 
4 teams of Juniors
(2) U13s and (2) U12s and
in NetSetGo, 8 teams
(2 each) Y5 Go, Y4, Y3, and Y2

Teams have been finalised and parents have been emailed
to complete registration and final payment (where applicable)
and will be announced via HEJA once
Coaches and Managers are secured for all!

WDNA close date

– Fri 22/3/2024

for full teams with officials 

Without officials registered in PlayHQ, teams will NOT be entered into WDNA Divisions for the winter competition.