WDNA Finals information for Winter 2022

Congratulations to SMNC1 for making it to the GRAND FINAL!



17 September
12U – 9:00am

Winner of the 2nd Semi Final vs the Winner of the Preliminary Final


Fixtures and court allocations will be live on PlayHQ by Tuesday 3.00pm,
each week of finals.

Rules and requirements:


Spectators are required to sit on their allocated side:
Scoring team sit on the side of the scoring box
Timing team on the opposite side of the court.


The first named team on the scorecard is to score and
the second named team is to time.
The scorecard MUST remain in the scoring box for the duration of the game.
It is the duty of the SCORER to keep an accurate record of centre passes and goals scored, however a scorer may only advise the umpires of the centre pass

The timing device MUST be a recognised sports timer
(mobile phones are not permitted).

The TIMER MUST follow the umpire for the final 30 seconds of each quarter and
MUST be by the umpire’s side to indicate when time has concluded.
The timekeeper is to check the score is correct –
no disputes will be entered into by WDNA.
It is highly recommended that the timing teams supply a back up person to sit with the scorer once the timer has gone to follow the umpire.


Please note that ALL officials and spectators are required to abide by the
Code of Conduct and display good sportsmanship at all times.
Any abuse of officials, players or spectators will result in
substantial fines and/or suspension.

Procedure for Extra time in the Event of a Drawn Match:

If the game is close
i.e., within 3 to 5 goals at the 5-minute mark of the last quarter –
send someone to the match office to advise of this. 

In the event of a draw in any Finals match,
a new scorecard must be obtained from the Match Office,
and independent Scorers and Timers will be appointed by the Association.

  1. If scores are level at the end of the playing time – there shall be a two-minute break. Both teams may make team changes and/or substitutions during this time.
  2. Extra time shall consist of two (2) halves of seven (7) minutes each, with an interval of one (1) minute at half time. Teams shall change ends at half time.  The centre Pass is taken by the team entitled to the next Centre Pass. 
  3. In the event of a tie remaining at the end of the extra time, a visual signal shall be to indicate that play shall continue until one team has a two (2) goal advantage.
  4. During extra time, normal injury or illness procedures shall apply (refer Rule 9.3.1).