SMNC 2023 Grading for Junior Teams 

Wednesday 15th March Thursday 16th March 2023


Grading is required where there are enough players for more than one team in the JUNIOR competition.

Grading for U11s and U12s Starts:








Where possible, grading will be done by 2-3 graders over 2 training/grading sessions. At least 2 of the 3 graders must be independent of the SMNC committee. All graders must not have their own children playing in the year group they are grading.

To reduce any anxiety that some players may experience throughout the process, prepare your players by talking to them about:

* showing what they can do! Which 3 positions will show them at their best?
* preparing (if they’re a shooter, practice some shots before starting); having plenty of water and going to the toilet beforehand
* trying their best and getting on with it if things don’t go to plan.  Graders will not see everything but they will remember those that persist
* having fun and remembering that no matter what team they are selected for, they get to play one of the best games in the world!

Full details can be found in our Handbook

Please arrive at 3:30pm with a full water bottle and a great attitude, to warm-up and prepare.

@ Senior Netball Courts
3:45pm – 5:30pm

11U (Y5) and 12U (Y6) – groups may be combined, depending on registered numbers
Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th March (Note: one grading day may be deemed sufficient by graders on the day)
12U (Y6) Thursday 18th & 25th March  13U (Y7) Thursday 18th & 25th March
Members must vacate SMACS by 5:45pm

If you are a returning Coach, your input regarding players for Grading is welcome.  Please contact us here.

We may not always have Coaches and Managers arranged at this stage of the process, however, if you are interested in nominating to assist in either of these roles, please nominate ASAP.