Nominate ASAP – deadline: 2024 AGM

Note: The role of President is to be the head of the club and ensure the supporting Committee are in place, organised and working effectively on various delegated tasks need for the club to function. The guide below provides a list of typical tasks and dates, include both a a mix of role tasks as well as delegated tasks for committee members [noted inside square brackets]


President Role Description

  • Upon receival of WDNA AGM Pack (Dec the year prior) complete and return (to [email protected]):
    • WDNA Affiliation Form
    • PlayHQ Club User Agreement
  • Plan season’s calendar based on WDNA calendar on website/AGM pack and last year’s Season Details [COMMITTEE]
  • Devise Fees with Treasurer
  • Highlight any training opportunities, club updates, etc that the ICT COORDINATOR should promote on the website
  • Draft season details page and provide to ICT COORDINATOR who will get on the website
  • Communicate upcoming AGM and Registration information (approx *17 Jan):
    • via Email to previous members
    • add a notice in the SMACS Newsletter
    • to New Year 2 students at the Parent Information Session (either in person or via the Head of Junior School – contact to gain support)

SMNC AGM (4 weeks notice, *for a 16 Feb meeting, approx) [SECRETARY]
Compose/collect/collate into AGM Minutes Template:

  • Notice of Motion requests
  • President’s Report
  • Nominations for Committee Positions

Send Reminder notice to members – AGM and Registration [SECRETARY]

  • Organise and prepare President’s Report for SMNC Committee Meetings
  • Review, revise/approve SMNC Committee Meeting Minutes
  • Welcome any new Committee Members and ensure they have assistance/handover
  • Create Winter Season Registrations on PlayHQ and communicate the opening date (approx 17 Jan) [REGISTRAR]
  • Collect Birth Certificates for new to club players [SECRETARY/REGISTRAR]
  • Book the Junior courts and Senior courts for training and grading days at school.
    Include Certificate of Currency for insurance (downloaded from WDNA

Complete a SMACS Application to Hire Facilities Form.  Email to [email protected] for approval. [REGISTRAR]

  • Organise and communicate Y5 and above GRADING
    • courts
    • balls, bibs, first aid kit and ice.
    • 2 umpires
    • 2 graders (independent)
    • Note to parents explaining process/expectations – players choose 2 positions
  • Close Registrations according to WDNA timeframes [REGISTRAR]
  • Send Team Nominations to WDNA (proposed number of teams in each age/year group) [REGISTRAR]
  • Finalise TEAMS according to SMNC Club Handbook [REGISTRAR]
    • enter into PlayHQ
    • organise extra players where required
    • liaise with parents of players where player movement is required
    • add Coaches and Managers already known
  • Communicate Team numbers / Umpire requirements to the Umpire Coordinator
  • Complete WDNA Grading Information for allocation to Divisions [with COACHES]
  • Set up Communication platform – HEJA for each team
  • Finalise Recruitment of Coaches and Managers for each team
  • Arrange compulsory WDNA Coaches Training for new coaches
  • Ensure ALL COACHES, MANAGERS, and UMPIRES Register in PlayHQ
    for insurance purposes [UMPIRE, MANAGER and COACHES COORDINATOR]
  • Facilitate initial communication between Managers and their teams
  • Uniforms
    • Provide full member list after Teams are finalised
    • Communicate with Uniform Coordinator to distribute uniforms – set dates
    • Communicate to members via website
    • Participate in updates/changes to SMNC Uniforms
  • Equipment
    • Provide Teams’ Coach and Manager details once finalised
    • Communicate with Equipment Coordinator to distribute training/game bags – set dates
    • Participate in updates/changes to SMNC Equipment
  • Organise and run Coaches & Managers’ meeting
  • Attend WDNA Delegates meetings and any other meeting as required
  • Complete Notice of Forfeit for WDNA and communicate to the relevant teams
  • Facilitate:
    • Refunds
    • Player Transfer
    • Fines
  • Answer queries, accept feedback – complaints, assist and mentor Coaches and Managers [SECRETARY]
  • Organise and run SMNC Club Presentation [WIND-UP COORDINATOR]:
    • Trophies
    • Team photos
    • Book (SMACS Year ⅘ area)
    • Team windup (propose this is included in Presentation event where possible)
    • MC
  • Update WWCC for both the Winter and Spring Seasons
  • Liaise with all SMNC Committee Members in each of their roles as required
  • Communicate with SMACS Heads of Junior and Middle School as and when required
  • REPEAT most of the above for Spring Season, process starting in September for an October season commencement.

Contact [email protected]