Beginning this season, 
NetballWA have changed the 
NetSetGo program tiers to align with year of birth  (rather than school year) and 
WDNA’s New Policy 
“What age group can I play in 2021” outlines that  we will need permits for two (2) 
of our School Year Groups, 
Years 5 (U11) and 3 (U9). 
SMNC club will organise these. 

Year 4 (U10) do not require permits, however, they  will now play as U10 (details below). 
This is so each school year group can play together  as they have always done at SMNC. 

The ‘differences’ to the rules/game play is  explained in the table below: 

Year 5 born 2011 – columns Y5>Y5-8 
Year 3 born 2013 – columns Y2>Y3 

Year 4 – column Y3>Y4 

Note: the later time slot only applies to Y4 

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