St Mark’s Netball Club is holding a Special Meeting to discuss the 

Continuation of SMNC for 2023 
Thursday 3 November 2022 
St Mark’s Anglican Community School (SMACS)
Senior Academic Centre (SAC) Staff Room Lev 1
It is essential that we have a commitment from our members
to contribute to roles on the committee
in order for the club to continue beyond this current Spring Season 
which finishes 30 Nov 2022 and will therefore be the deadline.  
Between now and the Special Meeting, 3 Nov 2022, 
we will accept nominations for an office holder position in the SMNC Committee, 
commencing officially at the AGM Feb 2023 (all going well).
If sufficient numbers have not come forward by the deadline, 
the President and the Treasurer will meet to facilitate the cessation of the club.