WDNA has advised that the final 4 rounds for FRIDAY games for U7 & U8 will now be moved from the eastern courts to the main courts in front of the clubrooms.

For SMNC that is Teams 10 and 11 

This is to allow games to be more closely monitored.
WDNA have been continually called to manage poor behaviour,
from several Clubs (mostly spectators) from the 5:15pm time slot – namely:
abuse of umpires; unsupportive comments to players; officials (Coaches and/or Managers) not obeying rules, in relation to *where they can go during quarters (see excerpt below); and general chaos at goal ends causing interference with umpiring.

Whilst WDNA understand that this age group is new to playing in a club and being a part of an association, they want all clubs to ensure rules and expectations are met for the enjoyment and safety of all.

MANAGERS – Please communicate to your teams the requirement for our members to abide by the WDNA Code of Behaviour and WDNA P&P 2021 at all times!

Please continue to check the MyNetball app (and our website)
ahead of each game to check for any further changes/updates.

WDNA Policies and Procedures
3.0 NetSetGO (NSG)


*During a NSG SET or GO game, coaching is permitted by the COACH ONLY.
Coaches must remain stationary on their selected sideline and are NOT permitted to enter the court during play. Should an injury occur it is preferable that the manager removes the player immediately from the court. A second coach is able to coach from a fixed position on the opposite corner of the court as per the diagram.

Round 1 fixtures for 3 September 2021 to be added soon.