Further to POST: WDNA Competition Reminders

WDNA President Communications

(refer to WDNA Policies & Procedures).

Dear Club Presidents After such a positive and successful winter season, it is disappointing to have to send this communication, but unfortunately the behaviour of coaches and spectators over the first few weeks of Spring have made it necessary for me to do so.

Spring 2022 is only 5 weeks in and not a week has gone by where WDNA officials have not had to deal with unacceptable behaviours from parents/spectators and coaches. Last week there were 4 separate mediation meetings held to deal with complaints. The most concerning aspect of these incidents is that so many of them relate to NetSetGo teams – Year 2, 3 and 4.

I am seeking your support to provide very clear guidance to your coaches/parents/spectators to display the appropriate behaviours at Spring, or WDNA will need to impose serious consequences.

Abuse of umpires/players/officials will NOT be tolerated, especially in these young age groups. Although fines should be the last resort, from next week there will be no second chances. ANY instances of abuse that are observed by WDNA officials will result in an automatic penalty as per the P&P fines table – $250 per incident.

We are imploring you as clubs to remind your members that their behaviour is not acceptable in Junior Sport, nor does it reflect well on your club’s name/reputation.

If the WDNA codes of conduct continue to be breached by these individuals, the Association will have no choice that to place clubs on probation for the 2023 Winter Season and potentially refusing individual member registrations.

We understand the frustrations that Spring brings, grading teams is always a challenge, and many umpires are brand new and very much still learning. But netball is just a game at the end of the day and Spring has always been a more casual, laid-back experience. There are going to be large score variations – and this is likely to be the norm in Spring.

Another concerning aspect is the continued requests by parents to allow their children to play with taped earrings. We realise that some young umpires have allowed this, basically because they have been berated by the parents! WDNA officials will be conducting spot checks from next week and any players that are on court with jewellery will have to be removed from the court until the jewellery is taken out. Please remind your parents that it is an international netball rule and that neither WDNA nor the parent can give permission for an exemption. It is for the players own safety and is not negotiable.

Thank you for your support and co-operation in these matters. Hopefully we can work together to ensure an incident-free remainder of Spring 2022.


Yvette Thomson