WDNA’s Club Update 3/8/2020

Please note updated Spectator Map below
Scoring Team to occupy sideline alongside Scoring Timing boxes!

Club Update – 3rd August 2020

Dear Clubs
Thank you for helping get the message out to your members regarding spectators, particularly the NSG timeslot. They were much better last week, but unfortunately it was the 13 & Under spectators who were the problem this time. Saturday was fairly good all round so thank you for delivering the message. The Board have decided that we must follow through with the consequences for those teams who were particularly argumentative and abusive and so several clubs will be notified that particular teams will be restricted to four people courtside for the next two weeks. Several other clubs will receive warning letters as their spectators played “hide and seek” with us and moved from court to court. We will continue to monitor spectator numbers each timeslot and deal with teams on an individual basis as the vast majority have been compliant and easy to deal with. As Phase 5 continues to be on hold it is unlikely that our policy regarding spectators will change and this will be our “normal” for the rest of the season.

We have noticed that not all clubs are wiping down and disinfecting the goal post pads before their games. We cannot see a lot of ball wiping or any of the other hygiene protocols being practiced either. This is your responsibility as club to make sure your team managers have the necessary equipment and understanding of what they are to do. We will be spot checking each timeslot and if teams are not equipped with the necessary equipment then the Club President will be contacted for an explanation. This is an extremely important part of your COVID-19 hygiene protocols and all clubs must be equipped with these safety precautions

Regrading has taken place for some teams. Clubs will be advised when the new fixtures are available on MyNetball.

An earlier email I sent out had the wrong information for which I apologise – the scoring team should set up on the EASTERN side of the courts as this is where the score box is. The timing team is to set up on the WESTERN side.

Please remind your members that not only is this a non-smoking venue but it is also a non-vaping venue.

Members also need to remember that if they leave the complex then they cannot re-enter at will. We do not have the manpower to continually pop across to open entry gates. They will need to wait until an entry gate is opened to be able to re-enter. Members requiring strapping or late comers need to call the office on 9409 9950 and wait at Gate 3 for entry.

Please remind your teams that they need to exit the complex within 10 minutes of their game finishing. This is not happening across all timeslots and we cannot open the gates for the next group until the previous group has vacated.

Once again thank you for the amazing volunteers that have been supplied. Unfortunately, some of them have witnessed first-hand how disagreeable some of our members can be, but we are very grateful for their help.

Yvette Thomson
WDNA President