WDNA expect ALL Clubs to contribute to the association by volunteering for a Round (or two) for an hour per team, as per their Policies & Procedures 2.18 Volunteers

This can include working in the canteen or checking courts for correct timing/scoring (see What do I need to know if I’m Scoring/Timing? in FAQs) – duties are communicated upon arrival at the Match Office.

Counts towards your SMACS commitment hours 

Failure to fulfill this duty results in a $250 fine per volunteer (Finals $500/volunteer)

Winter Season: 11 teams = 11 members required to volunteer

SMNC Volunteer Commitment was for Round 7 (18-19/6/2021)
Unfortunately, we did not receive communication ahead of the round to ensure volunteers were appropriately arranged.  So I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to those members of our club who stepped up, without notice, on Friday evening 5:15pm (all from Team 8, with others from team 10 putting up their hand too) and 6:30pm (Team 5 & 6) and Saturday morning (all from Team 3) at 8:30am.

I would also like to thank our ex-President, Naomi Cove, who accompanied me to fulfill the 10am time slot when we could not find 2 volunteers from Team 1 & 2.

Cheers, Jodie – SMNC President